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Welcome to David Di Meco Consulting for Outdoor Furniture & Accessories.
My Designs, Developments, Products and Relationships have created over a half Billion in Sales worldwide.

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Furniture Consulting

From University in Boston to SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Founder of DDM GROUP INTERNATIONAL, director of FRONTGATE CONTRACT, Designer of the ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR & THE SIDE MOUNT UMBRELLA, living and working experience on the Spot in North America, China and Western & Eastern Europe. Manufacturing Experience in Italy, Germany, Poland and China.

I have travelled for over 20 years the world establishing profitable business relationships between ambitious manufacturers and credible clients.

In this time I have built a global reliable contact network for designing, manufacturing, selling and consulting solutions in the outdoor furniture, home good and accessory industry.

These design and relationships have created over a half billion US dollars in retail sales to date. Nothing is quick and easy, but I can assure you that I can simplify the process in a concise period of time with new product development, current line review, productive reasoning, and a business plan with sales to follow.

Research my site for more details and please feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss in-depth your company's goals and what I can specifically do for you.

Having one extremely successful product can generate tremendous revenue and profit for a company, but my assistance in developing a series of products that sell well -- a proper product line -- enables a business to prosper over the long term, even decades. Products usually have a life cycle, and begin to decline in popularity as the years go by because consumer tastes change and competitors introduce new and better products.

I can assist a business to continue to grow, by assisting to consistently bring new, innovative products to market. My Product line development allows a company to sell more than one product to the same customer. Acquiring a new customer is difficult and often expensive, but once the customer is satisfied with the first purchase, selling a proper second product to her is much easier.

As consumers progress through their lives, their product preferences, needs, lifestyles and purchasing power change. My Developing of the proper product line that reflects these changes to offer to loyal customers enables a company to keep doing business with them and ensure growth.


In developing an entire line, I have have a keen understanding of more than one customer needs. It is critical that each product in the line that I develop provides a top-quality solution that will create the same level of customer satisfaction.

If one or more products in the line are not highly praised by consumers than it can dilute the brand image of the other, highly regarded products. In planning proper product line, I assist to identify what the organization does really well.

This core competency I make the driving force behind each product in the line. Companies attempting to market products that are not matched well to customer needs often find that one or more products in the line perform below expectations and hinders growth.

• Idea Generation
• Idea Screening
• Concept Development
• Business Analysis
• Beta and Market Testing
• Technical Implementation
• Commercialization
• New Product Pricing


Sales and marketing are often used interchangeably.
Selling and marketing, however, are not one and the same. In fact, marketing and sales are two completely different activities.

In a world where customers are more informed and more demanding, I provide the ability to understand the customer's concept of what he or she wants to accomplish which leads to well thought out solutions and growth.

• Market needs
• Market offers
• Strategies to be used to satisfy the customer
• Convince the customer to buy
• Get proper feedback from the customer about their experience

Specialty Retailers, Garden Ctrs, Department Stores, Home Ctrs, Wholesale Clubs, Mail Order Catalogs, E-Commerce, Hotels & Resorts, Design & Architect Firms, Cruise Industry.


From organizing 100's of photoshoots, videos, catalog design and trade shows from all over the world to creating multiple diverse marketing collateral... my experience is sure to make a difference.

• Catalog design & layout
• Trade show booth design
• In store or showroom design
• Email Marketing
• Visual Identity
• On Locations photoshoots
• Studio Photoshoots
• Hangtag design & layout
• Product Videos
• Product assembly instructions
• Product Videos
• Web development
• Industry events



International or National....if you want to grow or reorganize your products and product line, refresh your image or reach new markets and increase sales, please contact me to see what I can do for you.

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